Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Vancouver Manager to See Surgeon

Schuster’s Surgery Due ‘Within Week’
[Vancouver Province, Oct. 19, 1951]
Bill Schuster’s knee operation, on which hinges his future as manager of Vancouver Capilanos’ professional baseball club, will be performed in a Los Angeles hospital between now and next week some time.
This was disclosed here today by Capilano general manager R.P. Brown. Brown was commenting on a report from Wenatchee quoting a director of that city’s club, Joe Brownlow, as saying Schuster and Salem’s Hugh Luby will be the other two 1951 Western International League managers back in 1952.
“There has been no decision made on Schuster yet,” Brown said today. “I generally make that move after the minor league winter meetings, which this year will be held at Columbus, Ohio, in December.
“We naturally want a playing manager, and while we do not for a moment doubt that the operation within the next week on his knee will be a success, we simply haven’t made up our minds yet.
“The operation is a simple one, involving removal of cartilage from his injured knee. There are 20 players still active in the Coast League who have had the same operation, so that we do not entertain any fears it will end Schuster’s playing career.”Brown said he hoped to draft “at least two players” at the draft meetings in December, but said he had no idea yet who he might seek out of organized baseball’s 1951 harvest.

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