Thursday, 13 December 2007

New Hope For Victoria

City Advertiser Claims Plan Will Put Fund Over
[Victoria Colonist, Jan. 27, 1952]
Bob Noel, Victoria advertising man, stated last night that he believes he can play a major part in putting the “Save Baseball” drive over the top.
Disclosing that he is campaign manager in charge of ticket sales for the hosue valued at $13,500, which is to be given away, Noel said that sales have reached the point where the net already is greater than the amount collected so far by fund officials. This amount is believed to be approximately $3,000.
Noel claimed that all proceeds would go directly to the fund and that in the event that the drive fails, all ticket holders would receive their money back. He further stated that fund officials or other responsible persons could have access to his books to assured themselves that every cent will be turned over.
“I want to keep baseball here and I’m doing this gratis,” he averred,
As a suggestion, Noel felt if each of the 2,100 Athletics Booster Club members would undertake to sell a book of tickets, the drive would be put over the top. This would, he stated, bring in $21,000, and added to the amount already in, would be enough.
The amount needed to put the Athletics back in operation has been set at $35,000. This would pay off outstanding debts and leave the club with enough to start the season. Officials feel that a start is all that is needed and that Victorians would respond during the season by attending games in greater numbers,
Ted Norbert, manager of the A’s from mid-season in 1946 to mid-season in 1949, arrived in Victoria yesterday to do what he can to aid the drive. The popular former Coast League slugger has tentatively agreed to take over again as manager if the drive succeeds.
Although time is growing short with only five days left, officials still held out hope that the situation can be saved. They felt is the Junior Chamber of Commerce decides to get behind the drive it will go over the top. The Jaycees will meet this afternoon at 2 to decide.
Club officials stressed again that a brand-new board of directors will be elected at the annual meeting, to be held as early as possible next month. Resignation of the present directorate, announced over a week ago, will take effect at the meeting and all new shareholders will have a vote in the election of a new board. Under the laws of incorporation, present directors must continue to hold office until the annual meeting.
Confirmation of Norbert as manager and naming a business manager will be up to the new directors.
Meanwhile, fund officials yesterday appealed again to baseball fans to get behind the drive. Pledges for shares and donations will be received at the fund offices in the Douglas Hotel.

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