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Bill Wisneski Among New Tyees

Cec Garriott Keeps Busy, Signs Four More Rookies
[Victoria Colonist, March 16, 1952]
There were further indications that Victoria Tyees won’t lack numbers when they open their spring training camp at Salinas next Saturday.
Business manager Reg Patterson, who leaves for camp on Tuesday, stated last night that he is taking 40 uniforms with him and that it appeared as if they all will be needed. The remark was made after a telephone conversation with manager Cec Garriott, who is keeping busy lining up the best Los Angeles talent he can find.
Garriott informed Patterson that he had signed four young Los Angeles players yesterday and that they would report to Salinas along with almost 40 other players.
The newest rookies include a Negro catcher, two pitchers and a second baseman. Two are 21 years of age, one is 20 and the other 19 as Garriott continues the youth movement he hopes will give Victoria an interesting as well as a contending team.
The latest rookies are Walter Townes, 19-year-old colored catcher who also has infield experience; Bill Barron, a 20-year-old second baseman who had a good high school and college record; southpaw John Vallerie [sic] and righthander Bill Wisnenski [sic], both 21.
Luther Branham, colored infielder, catcher Joe Yanchuk; rookie infielder Bob Demarque, colored outfielder Rufus Johnson and holdover pitchers Jim Propst, Jim Hedgecock and Ben Lorino are among other players who will be on hand. Garriott has several more youngsters in kind as well as two or three veterans.
Portland Beavers have promised eight or 10 players and there is a strong possibility that they will include Joe Lafata, former first baseman with the New York Giants, and outfielder Jim Gladstone who may also be used at shortstop.
There is still a possibility that outfielder Bill White and Gene Thompson will be among the hopefuls although both have balked at salary terms. Ernie Sites will be there.
The biggest need at the moment, Patterson stated, is an experienced catcher. He hopes to be able to purchase Art Thrasher from Sacramento and Garriott is still negotiating with Macy O’Brien, a colored backstop now is doubtful about leaving a good job in Los Angeles. Ziggie Marcel, basketball star with the Harlem All-Stars, is going down to try out for the catching berth.
Patterson disclosed that a deal is in the early stages for the sale of first baseman Hal Jackson to Del Rio.
The camp will open Saturday morning with batterymen reporting for the first workout at 9:00 a.m. Balance of the club is to report the following Friday.

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