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Pre-Season, April 9, 1952

Roseboro Aids San Jose Win
SAN JOSE, Calif., April 9 — Two-hit shutout pitching for six innings by Bill Whitson, San Diego, featured a 3-1 exhibition baseball victory Wednesday night of the San Jose Red Sox of the California League over Victoria, B.C. of the Western International League.
On the hitting side, San Jose's right fielder. Bill Kahler, got two doubles and Third Sacker Stan Roseboro also got two hits.
Victoria ...... 000 000 001—1 4 0
San Jose ..... 000 102 00x—3 9 2
Towns Valerie (7) and Yanchuck, Martin (7); Whitson, Barnett (7) and Picone.

Arthur H. Cox Heads Baseball Club; Auditor’s Report Receives Approval
[Victoria Colinist, April 10, 1952]
Close to 200 shareholders turned out at the Club Sirocco last night for the annual general meeting of the Victoria Baseball and Athletic Co. Ltd.
In a quiet, well-ordered meeting which produced absolutely nothing in the way of fireworks, the shareholders elected seven directors from a slate of 11 nominated. The new directors immediately made Arthur Cox their unanimous choice as president, named George Straith as vice-president and Laurie Wallace, treasurer of the booster club, as Secretary-Treasurer.
Elected to the board of directors, in addition to Cox, Straith and Wallace, were E.D. LeLacheur, J.V. Johnson, Ray Parfitt and Stuart Keate. Johnson, who has been club president since Victoria joined the Western International Baseball League in 1946, Straith, Cox and Parfitt were re-elected. LeLacheur, Wallace and Keate, among the city’s keenest baseball fans, will be serving their first terms in an official capacity.
Francis Norton, Arthur Dawe, Fred Hutchinson and Dave Nightingale were the other candidates nominated. Russel Ker declined nomination.
Johnson, who acted as chairman until the election of officers, praised the work of Bob Sturgeon, who finished last season as manager, and the Booster Club in his summation of the 1951 season and thanked the city council, radio and press for the support accorded the team.
He explained that a severe decline in attendance was the main reason for the club’s financial plight, which saw the franchise saved after a league deadline had been extended only after the untiring efforts of the Boosters. Johnson stated that Victoria averaged about 126,000 paid for the first five seasons, and then dropped to 70,000 last year.
This was borne out in the auditor’s report, presented by P.A. Gibbs. It showed an operating deficit of more than $30,000 in 1951 and an over-all operating deficit of more than $63,700 for the six seasons. At the end of last season, the club had $31,436.86 in accounts payable on its books, including the $3,000 awarded ex-manager Dick Barrett, who won his case to collect for his salary for the season, although released in June.
Also on the debit side is more than $17,000 in unsecured loans. This includes $10,000 advanced last year by George Norgan. The balance was put up by five club directors and a support to keep the club operating last season.
The auditor’s report listed almost $42,000 in assets not including the unknown value of the franchise, at the end of last season. This amount included $57 in cash, almost $3,800 in accounts receivable, $2,000 on deposit with the National Association of Minor Professional Baseball Leagues, more than $20,000 in equipment, $6,681 in bonds and player contracts valued at $8,772. It was explained, however, that almost $2,000 of the accounts receivable were of doubtful value and that refusal of players to report made it impossible to put definite value on player contracts.
Receipts last season were approximately $64,000, down $14,000 from the previous year. Operating expenses for 1951 were more than $95,730. Gibbs pointed out in his report that only the fact that Victoria was allowed to keep all of its home gate receipts last season saved a larger deficit. It was estimated that the usual 60-40 split would have resulted in a further loss of $12,000 on the basis of the same 18 per cent decline in other cities.The auditor’s report was accepted and approved without a question, the auditors given a hearty vote of thanks and the firm of Gibbs and Company was retained as club auditors for the seventh season.

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