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Rage at Reg in Victoria

Shareholders Ask Patterson To Resign
[Victoria Colonist, Feb. 1, 1952]
A group of shareholders in the Victoria Baseball and Athletic Company Ltd. made the following resolution at a special meeting yesterday:
“Resolved that the directors be asked to request business manager Reg Patterson to hand in his resignation, which resignation is to take effect at 12 o’clock noon on the day of the next annual meeting of shareholders.
Less than 15 shareholders were present out of an estimated 319, but they felt that the public would speed up the response to the “Save Baseball” drive if given assurance that all club officials would resign. Date of the annual meeting was not set.
Bob Brown, owner of the Vancouver Capilanos, reiterated during a big drive jamboree last night that he would donate the proceeds from a Victoria-Vancouver game to the drive.
Others taking part in the jamboree which raised approximately $3,000 for the drive were: Herb Davey, Bill Heaney, Russell Ker, Rev. W. Hills, Bill Walker, Mrs. Scott, Fred Hutchinson, Stu Keate and Joe Stuskler.
The total of shares and donations was reported at more than $12,000 at press time.

By Jim Tang
[Victoria Colonist, Feb. 2, 1952]
Ill-advised is the best that can be said about the resolution passed at the Thursday meeting of shareholders of the Victoria Baseball and Athletic Co. Ltd. asking directors to request the resignation of business manager Reg. Patterson.
First of all, in view of the fact that less than 15 stockholders—out of more than 300—showed up and that naming of a business manager will be up to the new directorate to be elected at the next annual meeting, the action might well be termed presumptuous.
Worst of all, it was apparent inspired by the whispering campaign against Patterson and made without prior thought of who is available to take over and without proper knowledge of whether of not Patterson is the man mainly to blame for the failure of the Athletics.
Frankly, this writer a week ago was listed with those who believed a complete new slate of officials was necessary to “save baseball.” Since then it has become evident, to me at least, that Patterson is being made the “goat” of the whole thing, and particularly by those who know little about the background.
He has stayed on the job since the end of last season on a hit-and-miss salary and has a considerable amount of wages to collect. Certainly, he has not been responsible for most of the major decisions—a salaried employee carrying out orders just as most of us do. Had he given up there would be less likelihood that the found drive would have succeeded. More pertinent, he is needed now.
For instance, who is there to step in and take over? The club is already a month behind in getting ready for another season. Who is there to get player contracts away who has any idea of what to offer and how to negotiate? There are arrangements for making a training camp, negotiations to be carried out about a working agreement with Portland. There is equipment to be purchased and the need of someone to complete pending player deals. He has sold catcher Rocco Cardinale, has an offer, and a good one, for outfielders Bill White and Gene Thompson, and several other deals on fire which could help.
So instead of reviling one man and putting the onus on him for all the mistakes which have been made, why not give him the chance to work under a new board of directors. A replacement will certainly be more expensive and there is no assurance it would be an improvement. Baseball is an involved business and business managers in the W.I.L. price class are scarcer than class “A” rookies and limited service players.

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