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Pre-Season, April 15, 1952

Spokane Ends Training And Starts for Home
SANTA MARIA, Calif., April 15 — Spokane of the Western International League wound up four weeks of spring baseball training Tuesday night by dropping a game to a Santa Maria semi-pro club, 6-4.
Spokane hits the trail for home Wednesday, with several playing dates along the way.

By DON BECKER, Herald Sports Editor [April 16, 1952]
One of the Northwest’s outstanding baseball personalities will headline the banquet for the Tri-City, Braves on April 28. It will be none other than Bob Abel, president of the Class A Western International League.
A lawyer by profession, Abel is an outstanding speaker and when he gets on his favorite topic of baseball the fans taking in the banquet will be in for a night they’ll long remember. The Kennewick Jaycees, sponsors of the banquet almost missed getting Abel.
Sometime ago he had agreed to attend the kickoff for the Salem baseball team which takes place at noon on April 29. With airline connections being what they are it took a fast, quick, and hard look at railroad timetables to make the Salem luncheon the next noon. But it can be done and as Abel said over the phone, yesterday, “As long as I can get to the Tri-Cities for your banquet and still keep my commitment in Salem; why you can certainly count on my being there.”
The banquet, of course, will introduce the 1952 edition of the Braves to the fans and manager Charlie Gassaway will also give out with his ideas on how his team, and the league looks to him. If you plan to attend we urge you to get your ticket now. . .$1.50. There will only be room for 350 at the most and the ducats are going fast. In Richland you can get yours at Frank Berry’s. In Pasco at Columbia Hardware, Pasco Hardware, Sports Center, Berries Sports Shop or Walkers Barber Shop. In Kennewick at the Tri-City Country Club, Chinese Gardens, Vibber’s, or Visger’s drug stores. But don’t wait too long.
It was just about a year ago come tomorrow that we predicted the Tri-City Braves would finish in the first division last season. Actually it seems like only yesterday, possibly because we just finished paying off the last of the rash bets we made to back up our theory.
And those constant readers who turn here daily for cinch bets on sure things are now anxiously awaiting the newest and latest report. Rumors that they intend to bet the other way are being instigated by certain elements who want to save money.
Now as to where the Braves will finish. . .and this is it. . .they’ll finish there, or thereabouts, and the same thing goes for Spokane and Vancouver not to mention the other five. Sportswriters around the league. . .normally about as bashful about walking out on a limb as they would be into the arms of Ava Gardner. . .are more skitterish than the flanks of a new born colt this year. They fill their prognostications with “howevers,” “ifs,” “maybes” and “perhaps” until they begin to sound like a government report on the state of the budget. . .and you know what a mess that's in.
However, for the benefit of those who, habitually trundle home a wheelbarrow full of the stuff based on our canny analysis, we shall not let you down. Once again your hands will be calloused, counting the big bills. But until the answer is forthcoming now is the time to line up the pigeons. . .then off to the hunt.
San Diego’s trade of shortstop Buddy Peterson to Louisville comes as something of a surprise. While Louisville is a AAA team still it's a step down from the open classification of the Coast League. It’s hard to second-guess manager Lefty O’Doul from this distance and even more so in the light of the glowing reports we read in Coast newspapers about Buddy. For the moment we’ll have to wait and see. . .it could be though, that his fielding was the prime factor in the trade. That and his hitting. Though both those deficiencies probably could have been cured had Peterson been assured of his job.

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