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Monday, May 5, 1952

W L Pct.
Victoria ..... 9 3 .750 —
Spokane ...... 9 5 .643 1
Vancouver .... 6 5 .545 2½
Lewiston ..... 7 6 .538 2½
Wenatchee .... 6 6 .500 3
Tri-City ..... 6 8 .429 4
Salem ........ 5 9 .357 5
Yakima ....... 4 10 .286 6

VANCOUVER [Keith Matthews, News Herald, May 6]—It was 11:58 Monday night when pinch-hitter Don Lundberg hit a towering fly to centre field which made a beautiful picture up there in the evening darkness.
The bases were loaded at the time, it was the 13th inning, and this baseball game had been going along for three hours and 45 minutes. With nobody out, Victoria manager Cece Garriott had both his infield and outfield pulled in and when Lundberg’s fly fell in safely Jesse Williams scored easily from third. All we all went home happy.
All of us wasn’t many last night, because just over 1000 sat in on a game which had just a little bit of everything.
There was bad feeling between the clubs. Rhubarbs came a dime a dozen. And enough uncertainty about each and every play to make you wonder what could possibly happen next.
When it came into the 13th, Jesse Williams opened with a single and Bob Duretto, after bunting unsuccessfully twice, blasted his fourth hit of the night into centre field. Then Joe Scalise bunted and Don Pries couldn’t make up his mind whether to throw to second, to first or put the ball in his mouth and eat it.
It finally went for another base hit and Lundberg’s single fixed it up properly.
Van Fletcher was the winning pitcher and he went a brilliant four-plus innings and allowed only two hits. He was the third Vancouver pitcher and there were four of the same from Victoria. The fans almost had a chance to see the entire roster of each club as Garriott and Bill Schuster threw everything at each other.
Edo Vanni got himself chased in the ninth inning after a close play at second base in which the little fellow came off second best in every respect.
The bad feeling started in the seventh when Jim Wert took a wild swing at a curve ball and the bat slipped out of his hand. Victoria pitcher Ben Lorino retrieved the bat and brought it back to Wert only to drop it on the ground in front of him. When Lorino came to the plate in the next inning, Ed Locke, the second Vancouver pitcher, let got a fast ball which made Ben sit down in a hurry. It was also as if to say “That was a very unmannerly thing to do.”
Tonight the same two clubs play again at 8:15. And Schuster will be pitching his ace, big John Guldborg. Garriott will probably come right back with Jimmy Propst, an old Capilano beater.
Victoria ........... 000 000 302 000 0—5 9 4
Vancouver ...... 100 301 000 000 1—6 10 4
Heard, Randolph (5), Townes (7) Lorino (7) and Martin; Butts, Locke (7), Fletcher (9), and Ritchey.


Braves Change Mound Staff
UNDATED, May 6 — The Portland Beavers have signed Roy Welmaker, a left handed pitcher. Welmaker, recently released by the Hollywood Stars, won 16 games and lost 10 for San Diego n 1950.
To make room for Welmaker, Portland sent young right hander Dick Waibel to Tri-City of the Western International League.
Waibel is a former University of Oregon pitcher. He was assigned to Tri-City by in part payment of the Vic Buccola deal. Waibel is said to be fast with a good curve.
Over the past weekend the Braves announced another change in their pitching roster, the sale of Joe Nicholas to Lewiston.

Wenatchee Gets Pitching Help
OAKLAND, Calif., May 5—Wenatchee of the Western International League received pitching help from Oakland of the Pacific Coast League Monday.
The Acorns optioned 22-year-old Charles Oubre of Hahnville, La., a righthander, to the Chiefs. Oubre came to Oakland as a free agent this spring.

By Don Becker, Herald Sports Editor [May 6, 1952]
Actually just because the Tri-City Braves are currently in the second division is no reason for the fans to lose heart. The team hasn’t, and with the race still as early as it is they could just as easily be in the first half of the league within another week or so as not.
No question that this year's edition is a hustling ball club. And should the front office persist in their efforts to strengthen the team ... as they are doing ... it could be that last year’s baseball famine may be a feast. What we mean by adding strength is the acquisition of pitcher Dick Waibel. Waibel is coming to the Braves from Portland apparently as part of the Vic Buccola deal.
Waibel is a hurler that Victoria also had hopes of landing. Big, he’s reported to be fast with a good jug. And he’s still a youngster, at least in the baseball world, having less than three years experience.
Speaking of baseball we heard an interesting theory from WIL President Bob Abel about what colored players may mean to this league. His point was that these fellows, anxious to stay in baseball, and to move up in the business, are going to make the others get out and hustle if they want to hold their jobs. One thing always brought out, and unfortunately we hear it has already occurred here, are the smart
cracks from those who mistakenly believe in a racial line. Most teams today do have colored players and those we've seen have not had to take a back seat in the matter of ability. Of course this situation will in time iron itself out. But it will help to straighten it out if people will accept these men as they are ... ball players trying to get along in this world.
One of the reasons Jim Marshall, known heretofore as the “Showboat” of the WIL didn't come up with more of his usual antics during the Spokane series is because he was told not to. In case you’ve never seen Marshall it might be hard to explain the big fellow’s appeal. But in talking to him after the game he said that Umpire Mickey Hanich told him to calm down on some of his stuff because it made him look bad. And no question that Hanich has a good point there. After all there is no point in carrying the game to the ridiculous point. But some color is a good thing, something every sport always can use.
Hanich by the way stands a good chance of moving up to the PCL. It may not come this season but we understand we stand well with the boys who hire the umpires for the Coast League.

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