Thursday, 13 December 2007

Victoria Saved — For Now

Seven More Days
A’s Granted Extension of Time to Raise Funds
[Victoria Colonist, Feb. 3, 1952]
Victoria Athletics won a seven-day reprieve at Seattle yesterday.
Following a meeting of W.I.L. directors, President Bob Abel made the announcement that the Victoria Baseball and Athletic Co. Ltd. will have until next Saturday to satisfy the league that it has raised enough money to satisfy creditors and leave enough over for working capital.
There was confidence everywhere that Victoria would start its seventh season in the W.I.L. next April 22m which was set as opening date at yesterday’s meeting.
“Based on the showing they have already made, we are confident they can refinance themselves,” Abel said of the Victoria team. He was referring to the “save baseball” fund drive being conducted to raise the $35,000 needed to make the Athletics solvent.
Reg Patterson and J.V. Johnson, who represented the Victoria club at the meeting, were equally confident. They spoke highly of the co-operation received from W.I.L. directors and stated that all other clubs were “pulling for” Victoria.
Meanwhile, Bremerton joined Eugene and Tacoma as a bidder for the Victoria franchise in the event the fund drive should fail. There was no indication yesterday which of the three cities was in the favored spot in this eventuality, only optimism that Victoria would make it.
Frank Ireland, president of Athletic Booster Club, which is in charge of the fund drive, stated last night he was unable to give a definite figure on the amount pledged so far and that a thorough check would be made tomorrow. He also said that response picked up from yesterday following word from Seattle on the extension. He was among those who believed it can be done in the next six days.

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