Saturday, 15 December 2007

Jesse Williams, Star of Tomorrow

Caps Sign 4th Negro, ‘Better Than Ritchey’
By CLANCY LORANGER [Vancouver Province, March 20]
An infielder general manager Bob Brown describes as “as good, or better than John Ritchey,” one Jess Williams, has completed the Negro corps on the Vancouver Capilanos’ baseball roster.
Brown announced today he had purchased Williams from Kansas City for [sic] the Negro Major League on the recommendation of Seattle Rainiers.
Williams, said Brown, will be the fourth, and last “Brown Bomber” on the club. Others, besides Ritchey, who led the WIL in batting with the Caps last year, are Pitcher Eddie Locke and Harry Butts, both of whom Brown is counting on for top-notch work on the firing line. Another pitcher, Paul Jones, was purchased earlier, but he’ll likely be optioned out, Bob said.
“I figure all four of them will be stars,” Brown declared. “And Williams will probably be the best of the lot.”
Williams, whom Brown called a “sensational” fielder and who “never hit under .300,” was originally slated for the shortstop spot with Seattle of the Coast League. But when the Rainiers acquired Artie Wilson from the New York Giants, they urged Brown to buy him.
Purchase of Williams paves the way for a drag-‘em-out fight for infield positions when the Cap camp opens at Penticton April 1.
Williams, who plays short, third or second, will be competing with Bill Schuster, Ray Tran, and possibly Reno Cheso and Len Tran for those spots. And Jimmy Moore may be along later, too, to add spice to the battle.

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