Saturday, 15 December 2007

A's Have First Player — Domergue

Rookie Infielder Signed by Tyees—Trio Ask More
[Victoria Colonist, Feb. 27]
Victoria Tyees (Athletics) have signed their first player. Business manager Reg Patterson announced last night that he had come to terms with Bob DeMarque [sic], a 26-year-old rookie third baseman from San Francisco.
DeMarque comes highly recommended by Lilio Marcucci, who caught for Victoria last season until he joined the Portland Beavers, and it was through Marcucci’s efforts that DeMarque became Victoria property.
At the same time, however, Patterson was in receipt of three unsigned contracts. Southpaws Jim Propst and Ben Lorino and outfielder Gene Thompson all sent back the club’s first offer. Needless to state, they all want more money.
Propst and Lorino were offered the same salary they were paid last season. Patterson anticipates no trouble with Lorino, who explained he would like an increase because he is to become a family man in the near future. Propst, who didn’t exactly have an outstanding season last year, is asking for a 50 per cent increase. It is possible he will be sold or traded and Patterson disclosed he is in receipt of a good offer for the slim lefthander.
Thompson’s status is indefinite. He has been reported planning to join the Los Angeles police force during the summer, and the first offer made him was a considerable decrease from last season and his unsigned contract was no surprise.
Meanwhile, manager Cece Garriott has been lining up playing talent in the Los Angeles area for a training camp look. He has four players in mind at the moment, including a second baseman named Jay Rice, and a lefthander who plated for him at Visalia last year. He believes Rice has a chance.
Garriott has also been in touch with Jim Clark, the pint-sized shortstop who finished 1951 here, but reports that Clark’s demands are excessive. There are still hopes that an amicable settlement can be reached. The possibility of obtaining Keith Simon, former hard-hitting Bremerton pitcher, appear to have lessened and Garriott is on the lookout for a good veteran to play regularly and help him with the coaching.

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