Thursday, 13 December 2007

Winter Musings from Vancouver - Column

[Vancouver Province, Jan. 24, 1952]
Today’s question (worth 29¢ if answer is accompanied by one Regina football director, stuffed and mounted: What is the difference between the General Mgr. of the Vancouver Capilanos and the Field Mgr. of the same organization?Answer: Roughly 1200 miles, 60n degrees Fahrenheit, and about 7000 beautiful women.
Look at business-boss Brown, snowbound in his Capilano Stadium Igloo on Little Mountain . . . Surveying the ice-bound landscape and the fur-clad citizens mushing by, he says glumly:
“I am seriously thinking of turning this into a trading post.”
And look at field boss Bill Schuster, bouncing blithely around the movie lots of Hollywood. Surveying the blonde-bound landscape and the ill-clad starlets mincing by, he says happily:
“I am seriously thinking.”
Whither The Athletics
Schuster, who starred in a poignant 30-second sequence to the dramatic 1951 William Bendix film “Kill the Umpire,” is apparently no immediate threat to Gregory Peck or, for that matter, Donald Duck, but he does manage to eke out a fair to middlin’ between seasons existence, odd-jobbing for whatever studio wants a clock punched, no questions asked.
As, for instance, the WIL future of the Victoria Athletics.
There is a campaign on now inn that thriving suburb of Esquimalt right now to raise $35,000 worth of bailing wire to hold together the A’s crumbling franchise.
“Laura hopes they make it,” says Bob. “We’ll find out at the league meeting Feb. 2.”
Two vultures already wheeling high over the Empress Hotel, set to pounce on the quivering corpus: Eugene and Klamath Falls, Ore., both eager to jump from Class D Far West League) to Class A WIL.

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