Thursday, 13 December 2007

Victoria - 11 Days Left

Victoria A’s Plan New Deal
VICTORIA, Jan. 21—Victoria baseball fans have been assured that a new group would probably be in charge of the Victoria Athletics if the “save baseball” drive for $35,000 franchise goes over the [unreadable] WIL.
Following a meeting of fund officials, it was announced that club president J.V. Johnson and club directors would tender their resignation at the annual meeting of the Victoria Baseball and Athletic Co. Ltd. scheduled early next month.
No explanation was given regarding the resignation, but it was believed it was prompted by the belief that Victoria baseball fans would support the fund drive if given assurance that they would have something to say about the election of club officials. New shareholders will be entitled to vote at the annual meeting. Date of the meeting will be set at the extraordinary meeting of stockholders scheduled for Jan. 30.
Club directors until the annual meeting are George Straith, Eric Cox, Francis Norton, Arthur Cox, Ray Parfitt, Victor Clarke and Johnson.

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