Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Calgary or Lewiston - Which to Choose

Starr Prefers Lewiston For Tacoma Franchise
CALGARY, Sept. 27, 1951—In the words of William Starr, owner of the San Diego Padres of the Pacific Coast Baseball League, Lewiston, Idaho, is a fine place indeed, a city where people are baseball conscious and, as a matter of fact, a place where people have nothing else to do in the summer but attend baseball games.
Starr, who also owns Tacoma of the Western International League, made a brief stopover in Calgary Wednesday before flying back to Seattle.
His visit to the foothills city was made with the intention of selling his Tacoma franchise to Calgary interests, but Starr appeared sold on Lewiston.
He liked Calgary fine—except the weather—and agreed that it had the possibilities in the baseball world, had drawing power, enough money to put into such a venture, and all that, but still the talk seemed to travel back to Lewiston where, Starr said, there were only 15,000 to 20,000 people, but still enough people residing in the immediate area to make a go of it in the Class B Western International League.
Sam Timmins and Gordon McFarlane, representing local interests, agreed that going into such a league would be a boost for the city and would provide baseball fans with adequate entertainment, adding that there was no doubt the deal would be a financial success.
In any event, Starr flew to Seattle Wednesday night and said a decision would be reached in a few days, probably Monday.

Calgary Representative Coming to WIL Meeting
CALGARY, Oct. 3—Calgary will be represented when the Western International Baseball League holds its annual meeting in Victoria, Nov. 5.
This was announced tonight by Sam Timmins who, along with a few other businessmen, is interested in buying the Tacoma franchise from William Starr, who also owns the San Diego club of the Pacific Coast League.
Since his visit to Calgary last week, Starr has phoned Timmins twice and plans for introducing Class “B” ball to Calgary are progressing.
Timmins said it appears Starr is anxious to sell his interests to Calgary instead of Lewiston, Idaho, mostly because of the greater population in the foothills city.
Robert B. Abel of Tacoma, president of the league, phoned Timmins yesterday and said a poll taken among some of the teams showed they were in favor of admitting Calgary to the league. Abel also extended an invitation to the Calgary principals to attend the Victoria meeting.

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