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Victoria - 17 Days Left

Meeting of A’s Directorate Called To Plan Drive for Necessary Funds
[Colonist, Jan. 15, 1952]
With only 17 days left in which to give the Western International Baseball League positive assurance that Victoria Athletics will be ready to start—and finish—the 1952 season, directors of the Victoria Baseball and Athletic Co. Ltd. met yesterday to plan a drive they hope will raise the money necessary to pay their bills.
First steps will be taken at a meeting called for this afternoon at 3 at the Chamber of Commerce. Invited to meet with directors are the executive of the Athletics’ Booster Club, Seth Halton, publisher of the Victoria Colonist; Stuart Keate, publisher of the Victoria Times; M.V. Chesnut, manager of radio station CJVI, and Dave Armstrong, manager of radio station CKDA. They will be asked for suggestions as well as their support in the fund-raising drive.
NEEDS $35,000
While the size of the club indebtedness has been estimated as upwards of $50,000, business manager Reg Patterson stated last night that $35,000 would be enough to assure payment of the necessary bills and give the club $10,000 to start the season.
Failure to raise the money would mean the end of professional baseball in Victoria for this year at least unless a buyer was unexpectedly found. It had been hoped earlier that George Norgan, part owner of the Portland Beavers, would step in but he has stated he is not interested in acquiring the club. There are, however, assurances from the Portland club that it will aid in every possible manner and that it will continue the working agreement with the A’s.
It is entirely possible that the A’s will name a manager before the end of the week in order to lend impetus to the drive and it is believe the man they have in mind is none other than Ted Norbert, who led the club for parts of three seasons. Norbert took over during the 1946 season and was let out by the New York Yankees midway through the 1949 season. He proved to be extremely popular with the fans and his return would undoubtedly strike a responsive chord.
Requirement of two weeks’ notice made it impossible to call a meeting of club shareholders at this time. However, notices are being sent out and shareholders will meet later in the month, when it is hoped that the campaign will have succeeded. It is considered likely that a new set of directors will be named at that time.

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