Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Vancouver Gets Accord & Players

Bob Brown Back From South With Three New Ballplayers
By CLANCY LORANGER [Vancouver Province, Dec. 22, 1951]
Bob Brown, home from California and wishes he were back there, after a look at our weather, had nothing but good news to report of his safari that took him to the National Association baseball meeting in Columbus, Ohio, as well as the sunny south.
He purchased three ballplayers [unreadable] Bill Schuster—back as field manager—scouting a couple more promising ones in California, and brought word of a new deal with Seattle Rainiers that will “bring us several bright young players.”
The new Capilanos are Joe Scalise, an outfielder who batted .331 last year to stand third in hitting in the Class A Central League, and a Negro pitcher named Paul Jones, a “green kid” described as a good prospect. Third player bought was pitcher Dick Larner, ex-Yakima hurler whose purchase was announced last week.
Scalise, a 5 ft. 11 ins. Veteran, and Jones, 6 ft. 1 in. and 175 pounds, were bought from the Flint, Mich. Team on the recommendation of League President Tom Halligan who, like Brown, is a Notre Dame alumnus.
Schuster, who Bob says is hardly limping now following his knee operation, is trying to sign a couple of youngsters Brown saw playing winter ball in California. The pair are on the voluntarily retired list of another club, but Bob thinks he can pry them loose.
The “new” deal with Seattle Rainiers is the result of the recent move which raised the status of the Coast League to near-major rating. Brown says Coast League teams will be cutting out their major league affiliations and plan to develop their own players.
“We’ll get a lot of them,” Bob said happily. “And with our new ‘A’ classification, we’ll get some youngsters who weren’t anxious to play in the WIL when it was a ‘B’ League.

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