Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Lewiston May Enter League

Tacoma Tigers to Lewiston?
LEWISTON, Idaho, Sept. 7, 1951—Overtures to move the Tacoma baseball franchise to Lewiston have been made by the Chamber of Commerce, marketing secretary Harry Hughes said Friday. He added nothing concrete can come of the proposal until leading Lewiston fans, businessmen, and municipal authorities have an opportunity to study details of the plan.
Hughes said Bill Starr of San Diego, Calif., identified as an owner of a big chunk of the Tacoma club, has been invited to Lewiston next Wednesday to explain his proposal.
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TACOMA, Sept. 7—Frank J. Gillihan, business manager of the Tacoma baseball club of the class B Western International League, said today there is a remote possibility the Tigers’ franchise would be moved to Lewiston, Idaho.
Gillihan said, however, there was every indication the franchise would remain here. He said club owner William Starr has given Tacoma the first choice.
The Tacoma group, officials from the Chamber of Commerce and the Mayor’s office have not indicated whether they’ll keep the franchise.
Gillihan said Starr had asked Lewiston officials about taking the franchise if Tacoma gave it up so he wouldn’t be left “holding the bag.”
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Tacoma Offer to be Heard September 17
LEWISTON, Idaho, Sept. 8—The offer of the Tacoma, Wash., Western International League baseball club to discuss moving its franchise to Lewiston probably won’t be heard until Sept. 17.
A meeting between Lewiston fans and officials of the club had been set for next Wednesday.
Harry Hughes, managing secretary of the Lewiston Chamber of Commerce, today said he had been advised the Tacoma representatives wouldn’t be able to attend at that time.
Hughes said the chamber agreed to the Sept. 17 meeting suggested by Frank Gillihan, Tacoma business manager. Bill Starr of San Diego, Calif., a major owner of the Tacoma club, is also expected to attend.
Tacoma has expressed a desire to move its franchise to a city where there would be no competition at the box office, such as is offered by nearby Seattle of the Pacific Coast League.

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