Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Calgary Wants In

Calgary Wants Team in WIL, Timmins Says
VICTORIA, Oct. 28, 1951—Calgary is definitely prepared to enter the Western International Baseball League.
This was made known Sunday by Sam Timmins, who represents baseball interests in the Alberta city and who is in Victoria to attend the annual WIL meeting.
“We are definitely interested in joining the WIL,” Timmins said. “We will be aptly financed and capable of providing the necessary competition for league of this classification.”Timmins asserted, however, that the interests he represents are not prepared “to pay a premium” for the privilege of securing a franchise.
He was referring to the fact that the Tacoma franchise, which is expected to be dropped, is up for sale at what Timmins calls “a prohibitive figure.”
Timmins and his Calgary associate, Gordon MacFarlane, pointed out that Calgary’s attendance at amateur ball the past year was comparable to any club in the WIL and better than most. The Calgary park seats 6000.
“If we gain entry into the league, Edmonton is virtually certain to follow syuit, when and if the occasion presents itself,” Timmins said. “Edmonton is the best baseball town in western Canada, bar none, and that includes Vancouver.”

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